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Electric Gliders > 2m

Electric Gliders > 2m

JP Albatross E - 5500273 £69.99
RRP 83.99 Our Price 69.99
Motor - speed 600 turbo-fan Wingspan - 79 ins. (2000mm) Weight - approx. 49 oz. (1400g) Suits - 3 ch. R/C elevator, rudder & motor control

RRP 89.99 Our Price 75.99
The Blue Bird is suitable for beginners and intermediate pilots. Wingspan -100ins. (2.5mt)

JP Grob G103C ARF Electric Glider - 5500373 £219.99
RRP 255.99 Our Price 219.99

JP Seagull 2200 - 5500267 £77.99
RRP 83.99 Our Price 77.99
Motor - speed 600 turbo-fan Wingspan - 87 ins. (2,200mm) Wing area - 557 sq. ins. (35.75 sq. dm) Weight - approx. 50 oz. (1.43 kg) Suits - 3 ch. R/C elevator, rudder & motor control, 6-7 cell battery

Multiplex Cularis Kit - 214218 £134.99

The Cularis is the logical development and next step from the EasyGlider and is a great introduction into using a full house wing glider within the world of model gliding. This is the perfect glider for the club or weekend slope pilot.

Multiplex Solius Glider Kit - 214264 £91.99
RRP 104.99 Our Price 91.99
High-performance electric glider with T-tail, cockpit and clear canopy. With its pleasant handling and excellent performance the SOLIUS offers tremendous flying pleasure to anyone from the weekend flyer to the pro-standard pilot.

Multiplex Solius RR (Radio Ready) - 264264 £214.99
RRP 244.99 Our Price 214.99
Radio ready version of the Multiplex Solius. Ready built with motor, speed controller and servos fitted. Add your choice of radio gear and battery and off you go!!

Parkzone Radian 2 Metre Sailplane PNP - PKZ4775 £109.99
RRP 132.99 Our Price 109.99
The ParkZone Radian offers the perfect opportunity for park pilots to experience the true essence of flight. Although a powerful 480 brushless motor enables initial launch, the propeller soon folds back to reduce drag, freeing the plane to utilize thermals of air to remain aloft, instead of batteries. That means flight times for this quiet and eco-friendly alternative are much longer than they are with traditional electric aircraft, making a relaxing day in the great outdoors even better.
With the Plug-N-Play version, just install your battery and receiver, and you are only minutes away from the ultimate soaring adventure

Seagull 2000 2m Glider (SEA-130) - 5500082 £94.99
RRP 119.99 Special Offer 94.99

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